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The Leaders Guide will take you step-by-step through the program. It was specifically designed for the leader who is not necessarily a trainer by profession. It follows a “Tell-Show-Do-Review” format, which makes the training easy to administer. Ask about our student books and textbooks

A single student book is used along with the DVD. Participants answer DVD questions, do practice exercises and review information. Summaries of key concepts are included for ongoing reference in the textbook.

The DVD presents the information in an easy-to-understand way, using demonstrations that everyone can quickly understand and relate to his or her job. The DVD is interactive, requiring participants to answer questions, work out problems, practice what they’ve seen, and review for thorough understanding.

The pre-test is a simple tool to identify the current level of understanding and determine the areas where training is required. The post-test allows participants to demonstrate their mastery of the information.

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Thanks for checking out the pre test of our No Sweat Training Program. We want to remind you that our Blueprint Reading, Shop Math and Statistical Process Control student books and textbook are introductory programs. Give us a call or email us to discuss how we can provide the tools you need to get your people up to speed with basic Blueprint Reading, Math or SPC skills.  All of our programs are available as free previews all we ask is to return the program after your evaluation. 440-823-6759

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Program Pricing blueprint reading training , SPC training or Math Training 

1 Leader's Binder, Blueprint Reading or SPC Instructional  DVD,  Course Overheads $950.00
1 Participant Kits Blueprint Reading or SPC Participant Workbook and Pre-and Post Tests.  $36.00 each
Program Pricing 1 Individual Blueprint Trainer $145 each
1 leaders Binder Shop Math $195 each
1 Shop Math Participant Guide $20 eachType your paragraph here.